According to “Interfax”, representatives approached several courts of the Russian Federation and suggested the release of citizens convicted of extremism in social networks.

The publication reports that the media suggested the state Duma, Supreme and Constitutional courts, and the Ministry of Justice to review judgement of conviction of users “Vkontakte” and to determine whether in their actions signs of extremist activity.

If reposts, or other actions of users of the social network “had socially dangerous consequences”, all of them should be the immediate release and Amnesty under articles 282 (incitement of hatred or enmity) and 148 (violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion) of the criminal code.

Representatives I believe that in the case of detection of likes and reposts publications with illegal content, the court could do with awarding a penalty and not imprisonment. Also, the company invited the court to define the terms involved in the cases of “conviction for a repost”, such as “post”, “repost” and “like” and to conduct a more thorough investigation to determine the motives of the users apostasy certain publication.


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