Mail the Bank has launched a gaming loyalty program “Chance”, said the Director of development of electronic business Mail Bank Anastasiya Maslennikova on OFFICEPARTY in In the mobile app customers will be able to win additional cashback to 12% on some transactions, throwing virtual dice.

Games are available for the operation of Internet shopping and licenzirovanie operations that are performed by the smartphone via Apple Pay, Google Pay ranges Pay. To get cashback need in a mobile application “Mail Bank” to click on the image blocks on the home screen, select one or more transactions, to specify the desired cashback (from 2% to 12%) and to throw the dice. If selected and the number on the dice numbers match, cashback will be credited to the account.

“We I just communicate with customers via remote channels, but also try to integrate them in loyalty programs. Program “Chance” we spread the most interesting, “delicious” to customers operations — licenzirovanie transactions via phone and Internet purchases. Sure that new game mechanics will appeal to our customers and encourage them to use modern payment methods,” said Maslennikov.

For entertainment kesbeke available on operations performed and on the same day, and accumulated for 30 days. While each transaction can only be played once. The maximum amount of compensation for a single client — 12 thousand rubles for the accounting period. Payment of kesbeke is on the sixth calendar day after the end of the relevant calculation period.

According to Maslennikova, loyalty program “Chance” is only available in the new mobile app “Post Bank” on Android and iOS (since version 3.0.0).

OFFICEPARTY is the format of meetings in the office the, which involves informal communication top-managers of banks with their customers and forum users and journalists of the holding.

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