Twenty four

The French took to the streets and succeeded

The French government imposes a moratorium on increases in fuel taxes, said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

Ukraine led the ships and boats in combat readiness

All ships and boats of the border service of Ukraine put on alert after the incident in the Black sea and Kiev to the introduction of martial law, almost all of them are in the sea, said Tuesday the head of the state border service of Ukraine Petro Cigital.

Russia is called upon to intervene in the oldest conflict in Europe

Russia can play a big role in the resumption of negotiations on a Cyprus settlement, said the foreign Minister of Cyprus Nikos Hristodulidis.

The Russians proposed to add a new output

RIA Novosti

A member of the Federation Council Lyudmila Narusova offered to re-take the Constitution Day on 12 December weekends, according to RIA Novosti. According to her, it will help to interest the Russians with the basic law of the country.

Saxo Bank gave a frightening forecast to 2019


Apple will buy Tesla in Germany goes into recession, and elections in the UK will win the left. These and other “shocking forecasts” for the year 2019 did in Saxo Bank.

The Russians complained about the removal of property

BFM reports that Russian activists protested against the law on seizure of property, and December 4, plan to submit the relevant appeal to the state Duma. The portal has spoken to the Russians, who are unhappy how the seizure of land.

Speech drunken Poroshenko published online

In the Internet appeared the video of the drunken speech of the President of Ukraine, who told the people of Kiev about the merits of the new trains, which greatly amused the members of the government, according to TVC.

The handball champion found dead in Moscow

In Moscow in his 17th birthday died the champion of the capital of the region. It is reported by Telegram-channel Mash.

Found the missing “country”

Blogger MrMBB333 spotted on satellite images from Google Earth an unknown object off the coast of Los Angeles (California, USA). He told about it on his Youtube channel.

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