Major mapping service OpenStreetMap has decided to bring a map of Russia and Ukraine in line with today’s geopolitical realities, removing the Crimean Peninsula from the square. This is stated in the official report of the Internet service.

— Crimea is an administrative part of Russia, not Ukraine as long as Russia has control over its territory, — said in a statement. — Crimea border is listed as disputed, except for the water basins of the Black and Azov seas, where there is no dispute.

In the message also it is specified that the working group OpenStreetMap adheres to a neutral position and does not judge whether Russia’s control over Crimea legal or not, “because it is not included in our scope”. In the enlarged map of the Crimea is now the service provides all the city names in Russian, in contrast to the map of Ukraine.

This message has caused a storm of indignation among the nationalist-minded users of the service and the Ukrainian segment of social networks. The Ukrainian division of the service immediately expressed disagreement and “great sorrow” in connection with this decision: its initiators recalled the position of the EU and the US in Crimea, and accused of indulging “persons and organizations that are guilty of the annexation of the territories.” The Ukrainians intend to appeal to international organizations for service activities to achieve condemnation of the decision. “OpenStreetMap data with a monthly audience of 10 million users, — is spoken in the Ukrainian statement. And you can’t let all of them see Ukraine without Crimea, because Crimea is Ukraine”.

OpenStreetMap is not a commercial project to create online maps by the users worldwide. To create maps used data from personal GPS trackers, aerial photographs, videos, satellite images and street panoramas provided by some companies. The mapping service is used by Wikipedia, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, UN, world Bank, government agencies, and public organizations worldwide.

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