Now a major supplier of OLED displays for iPhone is a Samsung, which to a certain extent unusual since Apple and South Korean giant is considered to be the main competitors. It seems that in Cupertino understand it, and have already started to look for other production options screens.

Edition of the Wall Street Journal found out that China’s BOE Technology Group plans to start producing OLED displays for future iPhone generations. At the moment the company already supplies screens for the iPad and MacBook and is a leader in the production of large LCD displays.

For Apple selection of BOE as a supplier will help you to stay in good relations with the Chinese government. This move will also help China as a whole as it competes with Japan and South Korea in advanced manufacturing.

Earlier it became known that the company LG is ready to become the second largest supplier of OLED displays for Apple. It is reported that the amount of the first installment will be from 2 to 4 million displays, but next year this will increase by 2-3 times. And we are talking about components for the new iPhone X Plus.


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