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Mars is shaking, and SpaceX vzryvaetsya days of Samsung

In mid April, Samsung sent out to journalists and technoblogical pre-release copies of one of the world’s first foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold. About a day lasted a total delight, after which there were reports that the much-vaunted flexible display stopped working. The company promised to investigate and seem to have found a serious problem. So serious that it has postponed scheduled for April 26 the start of sales in the United States and South Korea, as well as a presentation device in China, which was to be held on 23 and 24 April.

One reason became clear immediately. Display Samsung Galaxy Fold is covered with a thin film that some journalists took the protective coating and removed in order to evaluate the quality of the screen. It turned out it was a required component and without it the device cannot work. But the damage display was also observed in those browsers that didn’t have to remove the tape. How long will it take to rectify the situation is unknown.

Missing from Samsung and other problems. The next update of the app to sync with a proprietary smart clock Gear and Watch turned out to be “glitches” — some users it failed to boot, giving a white screen. Samsung promised to correct the error in the next update. And in Russia, official retailer “Samsung Elektroniks Rus KOMPANI” found guilty of violating the law on protection of competition. The company was forced stores to maintain the high price of a number of devices in the midrange segment. She faces a fine of up to 5 million rubles.

Gift Roskosmos from SpaceX

April 20, during testing of emergency engines the Crew Dragon capsule, an explosion occurred. It was planned that in the summer, after all the tests, it ISS going astronauts for the first time in the history of private space exploration. Now manned launch apparently delayed indefinitely: it is necessary to examine the reasons (at the time of publication they are unknown) and fix bugs in the new version of the capsule. So until 2020 at least “Roscosmos” is provided by American investment in chelovechestva on “Unions”.

During normal running emergency engines should not be run. They are designed for ejection of capsule with people in the event of a problem with the booster. Informed Crew Dragon successfully flew to the ISS with a payload and returned safely to Earth, descending on parachutes into the ocean. There is a possibility that the problem appeared just as a result of the perfect flight. In any case will require a lengthy investigation.

Developed artificial muscles

A group of scientists from mit published a study which describes the creation of a hydrogel based on polyvinyl alcohol, which has the properties of muscles: strength, flexibility, ability to fill with water and resist “fatigue”.

During one of the tests of strength it was found that, instead of break once the instance has become “stronger”. Further study has shown that under cyclic load fiber-substances initially arranged randomly, are arranged in such a way as to meet the load with maximum efficiency. The result has been to increase “power” in 4.3 times.

Scientists hope in the future to use such a hydrogel for implantation person. It is assumed that it can perform the function of a heart valve, spinal disc, cartilage. The study describes the technology of 3D printing such hydrogel in various forms. It is hoped that implantation will be relatively inexpensive and affordable procedure.

Mars shivered

Space Agency NASA reported that the Mars probe InSight were the first to record “marstrasse” — tremors beneath the surface of the planet. They are not strong enough to completely exclude the possibility that vibration is not caused by the wind or by the operation of the device. Therefore, scientists have yet to collect evidence “trembling” of the red planet.

But in General they are sure of their conclusions. All the seismic activity was recorded four times: once in mid-March, twice in mid-April, and the strongest — April 6.

The InSight probe went to Mars in may 2018, in November made a successful landing on the surface, and on December 19, deployed seismographic sensors. Unlike the Mars Rovers, the device is static: its main task is to stand still and record the seismic activity of Mars. This will allow scientists to better see neighboring planet that, in addition to obtaining fundamental knowledge and contribute to its future colonization.

News from Lenovo and Meizu

Two major manufacturer introduced a flagship smartphone with uncompromising performance and attractive on the background of the world’s leading brands price.

Lenovo and Meizu Z6Pro 16s have similar characteristics. The device has received the current flagship chips Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. In both have colourful AMOLED displays with minimal framework. Screen Lenovo Z6 diagonal of 6.39 Pro” has a small notch on the top under the front camera and Meizu 16s 6.2” got thin strips top and bottom. Directly in the displays integrated fingerprint sensor of the latest generation, which, as promised by the manufacturers, quickly and accurately read even with wet fingers.

Lenovo Z6 catchy Pro flaunts a gradient design and a four camera module with optical stabilization, laser autofocus and support for AI algorithms. The battery has a high capacity — 4000 mAh. The smartphone will be available after April 29, in versions for 6, 8 or 12 GB of RAM and 128, 256 or 512 GB internal storage at a price of $430 to $745. Later it is planned to issue additional 5G version.

Meizu 16s received a slightly more modest hardware: dual main camera module (also with optical stabilization and support for AI), the battery of 3600 mAh. However, it is equipped with a rapid facial recognition system, powerful stereo speakers and NFC chip for contactless payment. The start of sales is scheduled for April 28 at a price of $475 for the version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory to $594 for a model with 8 and 256 GB.


A claim for $1 billion filed 18‑year-old American teenager Bach Usman (Ousmane Bah) to address Apple. He claims that he was arrested on unjust charges of theft after facial recognition system in the shop wrongly identified it in one of the thieves. Apple denies the existence of such a system in their stores.

$1 billion of investment has attracted a division of Uber, which is avtopilotiruemy cars. Investors in equal shares was made by the Japanese company Vision Fund, automaker Toyota, and car parts manufacturer Denso. In the near future a public offering of shares on the stock exchange Uber.

$30 million monthly, according to an anonymous source, Apple is paying Amazon for cloud services using AWS. In parallel, Apple invests in its own development in this direction. The company’s mission is simple: fast, smooth-running iCloud, iTunes and other cloud services.

$2799 is retro-gaming console, the authentic design from the Swedish masters Lava Hulten (Love Hulten). The device is made in the form kinescoping TV of the mid twentieth century and allows you to emulate Nintendo, Atari, Sony and others.

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