Apple is expected to represent 25 Mar new services — streaming channels and news alerts. This was announced on Monday, the Internet portal The Verge.

The company announced that on 25 March intends to make a presentation, but that she intends to show is not officially confirmed. The statement only says that there will be “show time”. The event invited journalists from leading us media of the industry.

According to sources The Verge, the company will introduce a streaming service television. He is expected to be available this spring. In addition, according to the portal, Apple will most likely show the updated news service. He, in particular, will presumably allow for a simplified system to subscribe just for a number of media, including Newspapers and magazines.

The publication States that Apple may also introduce new models of tablet PCs iPad and headphones AirPods.

About two-thirds of Apple’s revenue had in recent years on the implementation of iPhone smartphones. Company representatives have repeatedly stated the need to reduce dependence on these products. Apple CEO Tim cook, in particular, have repeatedly noted that it expects to increase profits from various services.

Founded in 1976, Apple produces, in addition to the iPhone and iPad, in particular, iMac, MacBook, iPod music players, and other high-tech equipment. Corporation with headquarters in Cupertino (California) is one of the largest in the world, its market capitalization fall 2018 exceeds $1 trillion, but, to date, declined to about $840 billion

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