NEW YORK, March 29. /TASS/. Apple made the decision to abandon wireless charger Air Power. This was reported on Friday the Internet portal TechCrunch with reference to the senior Vice-President engineering Van, Riccio.

“After significant efforts, we have come to the conclusion that Air Power will not be able to bring to our high standards, we are canceling this project. the report indicates. — We apologize to those who awaited the appearance of this device. We continue to believe that the future for wireless devices, we are determined to continue to move in this direction.”

As noted on Friday, the Internet portal of The Verge, the development of wireless charger Air Power was first announced in September 2017 at the presentation of the smartphone iPhoneX. Then, the company has said it will start shipping the device in for 2018. It was assumed that it will provide the possibility of simultaneous charging of the iPhone, a smart Apple Watch and wireless headphones AirPod, and on the smartphone screen had to display the charging process of all three devices.

However, as highlighted by The Verge, in the design, according to some reports, there were technical problems, particularly the problem of overheating of the device.

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