The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News published new details of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, whose remains were found in a well in the territory of the Istanbul residence of the Consul General of Saudi Arabia.

According to the newspaper, citing informed about the investigation sources, in eliminating traces of the crime was attended by the Professor of the Department of forensic studies in the Arab University of security for them. Nayef, head of Saudi scientific Council for the forensic examination of Salah Muhammad Tobagi.

It, according to the newspaper’s source, specially summoned from Riyadh shortly before Khashoggi, who filed divorce papers, had to come to the Consulate General of his country in Istanbul. The pathologist arrived in Turkey on 2 October 2018 with spaceports, he was caught on camera at the airport. Kemal Ataturk.

It Tobaiwa, says a source in the Turkish investigative authorities, did to the dismemberment of the body of the murdered journalist left in the building footprints, which would be impossible to destroy quickly.

“He used intravenous catheters to drain blood from a dead body in the sink. After bleeding the body was dismembered, and doing it too Tobagi,” writes Hurriyet Daily News.

According to her, this process was recorded by audio recording device (probably a recorder in hours Khashoggi Apple Watch, which he in front of the Consulate General synchronized with your iPhone Turkish of the bride).

The recording, which lasts seven minutes, is available on the Istanbul police and were handed over to intelligence agencies of some other countries — particularly the United States. Voice Tobagi was identified by an anonymous source: the pathologist advised its “colleagues” who helped him dismember the body Khashoggi, put on the earphones and listen to music.

“When I do this work, I always listen to music,” said the court physician.

On Tobagi little is known. In 2004, he graduated from Glasgow University in specialty “forensic medicine”, but for nearly 20 years, is an employee of the security apparatus in Saudi Arabia. As reported by TV channel Al Jazeera, the pathologist has improved his ability “to conduct the autopsy as soon as possible”. He even drafted a “mobile morgue” autopsy of bodies to accompany Saudi pilgrims performing Hajj in Mecca.

Source Al Jazeera claims that Tobaiwa began to dismember the body Khashoggi directly on the Desk in the Consulate General, using a hand saw for the bones and waiting for the death of the journalist.

Hurriyet Daily News writes that the pathologist brought to Istanbul’s “suitcase full of scalpels and needles”. He, according to the source of the newspaper, did Khashoggi injection of coagulants (drugs, thickening the blood) to reduce the amount of bleeding during removal of the body of the journalist.

Earlier it was reported that Turkish experts have found in the well, which lay the remains of the dead man, the traces of acid. According to them, in fact from the body “nothing left”. A moderate critic of the Saudi regime Jamal Khashoggi missing on 2 October, after visiting the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, where he was going to get the divorce papers (he wanted to get married in Turkey for the second time).

According to one version, the intelligence agencies of Saudi Arabia had planned to meet up with a journalist to convince him to return home and cease to criticize the government. This task allegedly asked for 15 agents, who went to Istanbul.

Saudi officials initially said that the journalist was the victim of a “fight” that occurred between him and those who “waited for him in Consulate General”.

Later, the attorney General of Saudi Arabia called the killing of the journalist planned in advance.

Body Khashoggi allegedly found in the well of the Consulate. It tried to dissolve in acid. Turkish investigators say that the elimination of the consequences of the murder were handled by a special group of people who planned to take the remains of the journalist in suitcases.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed confidence that the Khashoggi murder was committed on the orders of the Saudi leadership, but king Salman, in his words, was not involved.

The Turkish authorities handed over the audio recording of the torture and murder Khashoggi of Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, UK and USA.

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