Facebook continues to provide access to the sensitive personal information of dozens of technology companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and “Yandex”, despite the promise to provide careful storage of user data, reports The New York Times, citing its own investigation. In the course of investigation it turned out that Facebook could provide information about 150 companies, including technology companies, search engines, mediaorganizer, smartphone manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and others. The company had access to e-mail, phone number, user information from the pages of social networks and even personal correspondence. In turn, Facebook received user contact information to its partners, which include Amazon, Yahoo and Huawei. So, the social network attracted new users, increased involvement within the network, which significantly affects the advertising revenues. Director of privacy and public policy social network Steve Satterfield told the newspaper that perhaps the company lost access settings, but evidence that they abuse their position they do not. Despite that Facebook checks of partners and their access to information, and, in case of detection of unauthorized access, it immediately overrides. Recall that in late September, Facebook reported problems in the security system, which affected nearly 50 million users of the social network. Attackers who successfully exploited this vulnerability and gained access to personal information and even passwords Facebook. Later, the social network has notified and the number of Russian users of a possible leak of their personal data.

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