TASS, September 26. The company is a manufacturer of processors Qualcomm, the supplier of components for Apple products, has accused her of stealing the information, constituting commercial secret, to assist with the IT giant Intel. On Tuesday reported CNBC, citing Qualcomm General counsel Donald Rosenberg.

According to the channel, Qualcomm accuses Apple that the company stole “a huge amount” of confidential business information in order to improve the performance of chips from Intel, which produces microprocessors and is a competitor to Qualcomm. “Illegal use of valuable commercial information Qualcomm in an attempt to help the competitor to improve their products causing irreparable damage to the [Qualcomm] and must be stopped”, — quotes the channel of Rosenberg.

It is noted that the company did not provide direct evidence in support of his accusations.

Qualcomm develops wireless communications and microelectronics. The company manufactures Snapdragon processors for mobile devices. According to reports Qualcomm, the company’s turnover in 2016 is $of 23.55 billion, net profit of $5.7 billion

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