The new operator will be called Comunity.

Sberbank plans to rebrand its mobile operator “Carmobile,” reported Telegram-channel Content Review. According to the newspaper, “Bermoral” will be restarted under the name of the Comunity. Together with the restart of the cellular operator “savings” is expected to change the conditions and the launch of the new best stocks for subscribers.

As confirmation of the upcoming rebranding of the operator “Bermoral”, the source published a picture of the SIM card of the operator Comunity new sample. When “Sberbank” intends to restart “Bermoral” under a new name currently unknown. Most likely, it will happen in 2019.

Previously, Sberbank had already changed the name of the virtual cellular operator. Initially, the operator was called “let’s Talk”. The operator worked in a limited number of regions with special conditions. In particular, first, the subscribers of “Talk” could use a special rate, which included 1500 minutes and 20 GB of mobile traffic for 499 rubles.

Later, the operator “Talk” was renamed “Bermoral”. This title remains relevant for the operator and for today.

Source: Telegram.


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