MOSCOW, Feb 6 — PRIME. The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has directed to Ministry of communications the project of amendments to the laws “On information” and “On communication”, which proposes to require manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and computers to preinstall them on the Russian software before selling in the country, writes “Kommersant” with reference to the document of the FAS.

If the document is adopted, in order to ypapanti on the Russian market, manufacturers of gadgets will be required to install on its products AT Russian and also provide the possibility of udaljenosti preset programs of foreign production in case they do not affect the functioning of the devices.

The list of such devices will be determined by the government. Previously, the newspaper wrote that according to the concept document of Russian will be required to install a browser, antivirus, program positioning and messaging.

According to respondents edition experts, the adoption of this project can help to “Yandex” to save “tens of millions of dollars a year” on commercial contracts with vendors. The foreign company in turn, this initiative is concerned: according to the newspaper, negative feedback on the document, Russian authorities sent the American company Apple.

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