Hong KONG /XIANGGANG/, may 20. /TASS/. Further escalation of the trade war with China is able to inflict a serious blow to the entire supply chain of components for smartphones and interests of the American giant Apple, whose products could rise to 20%. On Monday the newspaper South China Morning Post a link to analysts.

The recent increase in tariffs is not particularly affected Apple, but it will happen in the case of the introduction Washington’s new duties on products from China by another $300 billion, experts say.

“If there is announced the introduction of tariffs is a blow to high-tech companies and their suppliers. This will break the chain of supply and will put pressure on the sector for next year,” said American analyst Dan As from Wedbush Securities.

According to him, the recent drop in the stock markets not so much due to increase in duties against Chinese products worth $200 billion, but with the fears of what will happen. “With the current rates the Apple ecosystem has remained relatively untouched. But if this was followed by a tough scenario [associated with the imposition of duties on products from China by another $300 billion], the price of iPhone may jump to 20%,” — says the analyst.

The US President Donald trump has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the enormous trade deficit with China. May 10, U.S. duties were once again increased from 10% to 25% against Chinese products worth $200 billion trump also instructed to begin the process of raising duties on products from China by another $300 billion

Their actions, the U.S. side explained that Beijing departs from the agreements reached earlier consultations on trade issues. In response, the Chinese government said may 13 that as of 1 June 2019 will impose retaliatory duties on more than 5 thousand commodity items from USA for a total of $60 billion

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