Lately on the market there is a shortage of Intel processors, which pulls in a price increase. Moreover, the company rumored to intend to transfer part of production to outsourcing. However, the causes of the shortage of processors is still not known. Yes, Intel is not going right with 10-nanometer chips, but 14-nanometer there. It is unlikely that the demand for them grew like an avalanche.

The publication Nikkei suggested that the situation depends on an external “stimulus”, but rather, from Apple. According to the resource, Intel has allocated part of the production of cellular modems for smartphones from Cupertino. This has led to reduction of volumes of output processors.

It is no secret that previously, Apple used a Qualcomm modem, but then after a long litigation, refused the services of the chip maker. Also note that last year modems Intel for Apple was produced by TSMC, then as now, the “blue giant” is doing everything himself.

By the way, this indirectly confirms the rumors about the Taiwanese company transfer part of the production processors. Intel expands its lines, however, according to analysts, the deficit of the CPU will remain at least until spring, and then before the end of next year.

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