A powerful contraction.

Cellular operator “MegaFon” announced the closure of a number of popular archive tariffs. The closure of dozens of tariffs will start to occur after March 11. Instead of the previous tariff plans subscribers will be offered the new rates of the number.

Large tariff reductions

In “the Megaphone” have declared that the closure of a number of tariffs is connected with necessity to improve the quality of service on modern plans. For this reason, since March 11, “the Megaphone” will start to close dozens of different tariffs. By reducing fall rates of different lines, including “All inclusive”, “Student”, “Go to ZERO”, “Unlimited” and others.

Full list of tariffs under the closure published on this page, the official website of “MegaFon”. Some of the most well-known rates, which will be closed from 11 Mar, presented below:

  • MegaFon All inclusive S 12
  • MegaFon All inclusive S 15
  • MegaFon All inclusive S 2014
  • MegaFon All inclusive S 2014_11
  • MegaFon All inclusive S 2015_11
  • MegaFon All Inclusive S 2016
  • MegaFon All inclusive S 3_16
  • MegaFon-All inclusive S. Action
  • MegaFon-All inclusive Ѕ12Сибирь
  • MegaFon-All inclusive Ѕ2012СИТИ
  • MegaFon-All inclusive VIP 16
  • MegaFon-All inclusive VIP 2013
  • MegaFon-All Inclusive VIP 2016
  • MegaFon-All inclusive XS 15
  • MegaFon-All inclusive XS 15_11
  • MegaFon-All inclusive XS 16
  • Native
  • Native Special
  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of speech +
  • Freedom of speech + CITY
  • Freedom of speech Non-Stop
  • The relationship of cities
  • The relationship of cities 2015
  • North
  • Tale
  • Smeshariki
  • Standard
  • Student
  • Your time
  • Universal
  • Ural
  • Honestly

All subscribers whose tariff plans are closed from 11 March, will receive SMS with the new conditions. The original “Megaphone” will offer subscribers with the most suitable value and services fees. If they are not satisfied subscribers, users will be able to select any other rate available for the connection.

Source: The Megaphone.


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