Roaming no more!

Cellular operator “Megaphone” managed to fulfill the requirement of the Federal Antimonopoly service on the abolition of domestic roaming. From September 1, 2018 “the Megaphone” has ceased to charge subscribers an additional fee for incoming calls outside your home area. MegaFon has become the latest operator of the “big four”, which abolished roaming charges in Russia.

“MegaFon”, as promised earlier, has abolished roaming charges 1 Sep. This was reported by the official representatives of the operator. In addition, many subscribers received the SMS alert on input change.

In the “MegaFon” said that roaming is cancelled on all massively used service plans. The exact list of tariffs, the operator is not published. In this regard, some subscribers of archival tariffs are afraid that they will continue to charge for incoming calls outside your home area. But it is important to note that the negative reviews in the address of “MegaFon” and roaming is currently not reported.

Previously, the fee for incoming calls all over Russia stopped to take MTS, “Beeline” and Tele2. Thus, all operators of the “big four” abandoned the domestic roaming. FAS is required to do this for a whole year and still managed to succeed.


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