Free how to disable ads “Megaphone”?

This week, the subscribers of “MegaFon” has complained that when surfing the mobile Internet regularly, you receive the banner of the cellular operator. The banner can pop up on any site, and open it full screen, which is undoubtedly annoying. Not everyone knows, but such banners of “MegaFon” can be very free and easy to disable.

Banners all over the page

The advertising banners of “MegaFon” can appear on any websites, even those that do not cooperate with the operator or any service to provide ads on the Internet. And it is completely legal. In the contract of “MegaFon” clearly stipulates that the operator reserves the right to advertise their services in this way.

Banners look like this:

They open into a full page, highly annoying to users who this week complained about the bad situation on the discussion forums.

How to disable the banners of “MegaFon” in the Internet

If you do not want to see these banners when surfing the mobile Internet, then you can disable them. For this purpose “the Megaphone” there are two completely free services, with those names:

  • The failure of banner advertising operator” — disables the banner of the “MegaFon”.

  • The failure of banner advertising partners” — disables the banners of the partners of the operator.

Both services are available on the official website of the operator. But to connect them through the usual USSD-command impossible. This can be done in the salons of the operator — for the money and it also take can’t.

Thus, to once and forever get rid of annoying ads in the mobile Internet, enough to get to the nearest salon “Megaphone” and ask the staff to connect these two services to your number.


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