Some time ago on Youtube was published a movie in which the cupertinos have demonstrated settings updated “application Locator”. The most interesting thing in the video you can see the Apple reference tracker AirTag. After a couple of hours after the publication of the video was deleted.

Mention AirTag seen in the description of the setting, which is responsible for searching for things offline. Judging by the available screenshots, Apple tracker can work without connecting to Wi-Fi and cellular networks. It is possible that the search objects will be involved chip for ultra-wideband communications.

It is worth noting that rumors about AirTag appeared online for quite some time. It was assumed that the official announcement of the Apple tracker will be part of WWDC 2019. However, this did not happen. The announcement did not take place in the autumn Apple presentation.

However, during this period, network sources sharing different information about AirTag. In particular, many believe that especially for a tracker cupertinos will develop a special mode of finding lost things. And this will apply augmented reality.


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