The next initiative.

The Ministry of communications, the FSB and the Ministry has made an official proposal to use to store the data of Russians on the “Spring law” only domestic equipment. The initiative was included in the draft decree of the government for further consideration. It is reported that this will reduce the risk of “sanctions”threats.

As officials prepared materials, the new initiative will bring two obvious advantages. First, posting messages or other data of the Russians on the domestic equipment will reduce the sanctions threats and improve the security of the data of Russians. Second, the use of domestic equipment will support Russian manufacturers of electronic products.

Recall that the “Spring law” of the Russian cellular operators and Internet service providers already store data Russians. For any given set of laws, operators need to store the entire Internet traffic of its subscribers in a month, and records of calls and SMS within six months.

Experts fear that the purchase and setup of new equipment will require operators and Internet service providers for more serious expenses. It is possible that the increase in the cost of the execution of the “law of Spring” will result in a new increase of prices on cellular communication and the Internet.



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