Children’s app “Mi-mi-bears: Drawing” published by “Interactive Cartoon”, can now run on the demo devices in their official stores Apple Store. With it, visitors are shown how to work the Apple Pencil, which allows you to draw and write by hand as easily and naturally as on paper. Thus, many young American people get started with the technique of Apple, along with mi-mi-bears.

According to the head of publisher “Interactive Cartoon”, Alexey Ilyin, said the recognition of the Russian application on the world market of developing mobile games.

“We are very pleased that among the carefully selected children’s apps Apple have selected is “Mi-mi-bears: Drawing”, designed specifically for iOS devices. We hope that mi-mi-bears will help to develop creative thinking and become your favorite characters of millions of American children,” he said.

“Mi-mi-bears: Drawing” is one of the first applications of “Interactive Cartoon”, is aimed at improving skills in children. It which the child can create his first masterpiece and become an artist, in the mode of interactive stories to feel like a real magician: paint amazing scenes and watch as your favorite characters will come to life with every stroke of the virtual brush.

In addition to exciting stories, coloring, in the “Drawing” is presented free mode with a rich Toolkit for creativity: with canvas, brushes of different sizes, eraser and a wide color palette, you can draw the plot that you want.

“Interactive Cartoon” is the largest publisher in Eastern Europe training and developing mobile applications and applications for virtual reality devices on motives of cartoons of animation Studio “the Locomotive”. The publishing house was founded in July 2015, as part of gaming Department of the company “Digital TV”.


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