Two years ago Apple introduced its wireless headphones AirPods. At first glance, they looked ridiculous, reminding heads for electric toothbrushes. It is difficult to walk down the street without meeting a dozen people in these headphones.

One of the “chips” AirPods, besides the lack of wires (headphones connect with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology) is a voice assistant Siri. In the first modification of the AirPods assistant can be called by double-tapping on the right earpiece, and the new version already know how to “listen” to the voice of the master and respond to the phrase “Hey Siri.”

For Russian users Siri does not support all the commands available, but the list is quite extensive. It is control music (playback, volume), launch applications, phone calls and dictating messages, setting alarms and timers, create notes and reminders, social media posts, Internet search, the answers to simple questions, e.g. “What is the height of the Ostankino TV tower?”, weather forecast.

Apple laurels clearly do not give rest to other companies. From two brands, as it became known recently, are preparing to disrupt the balance of power in the market of wireless headphones voice assistants inside. According to rumors, the release of smart wireless “ears” prepare Microsoft and Amazon.

Both companies develop their own voice assistants. Amazon’s Alexa. Artificial intelligence “lives” in smart columns and can Echo almost all of what Siri — control your music and your smart home, order the products on Amazon and on other services, call a taxi. Cortana, Microsoft’s simpler and works primarily in Windows 10. Both assistant yet can’t understand Russian, but the Russian market neither Microsoft nor Amazon, apparently, sales of their new headphones and not focusing.

Headphones on Amazon, according to insiders, will provide higher sound quality than the AirPods, and the “ears” from Microsoft will be the noise reduction system. And those and others will be stored in the case-charging — it has become a standard.

Another competitor of Apple in this market — of course, Samsung. The company has a voice assistant Bixby, who — you’ll laugh — also does not support Russian language. Of course, if you want you can enable in the settings of English, and at the same time and exercise. But many would like to give commands to the robot in their native language.

The best chance to oust Apple has Amazon, said Dmitry Ryabinin, head of Hi-Tech “A variety of alternatives AirPods are now in abundance, including from big brands like Samsung. Microsoft and Amazon entering this market with a large backlog. But one of the companies has a chance to succeed, and it’s not Microsoft, — told the “Russian newspaper” the expert. — The fact that Amazon can build a new product in a well-developed ecosystem of Alexa up to the ordering of goods and services through headphones, and the company has its own powerful channel of distribution that can be decisive in the face of strong competition”.

Great opportunities for Microsoft in the market of wireless headphones Dmitry Ryabinin does not see. “Rather, it the product is exactly the same fate as all the other accessories Microsoft: great design, quality implementation, high cost and low sales in the American market. Cortana is inferior to the competitors and also will not be a significant advantage. But this product is definitely a need for a range of portfolios. It’s amazing that it is still not released. Most likely, the reason that the main business are for Microsoft cloud services and office, everything else is accompanying directions and often even unprofitable”, — the expert adds.

As for the Russian market, in our country, “smart” headphones that are not yet announced officially, most likely, would not ship. In any case, until, while living in them is artificial intelligence will begin to understand Russian language. At home, in the United States, they can expect some success.

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