Microsoft made the decision to leave the market of mobile OS and completely abandon Windows Phone. Thus, the operating system that was supposed to compete with Android and iOS, could not compete and fell into oblivion, not even noting the tenth anniversary.

The funeral failed

Mobile operating system Windows Phone, developed by Microsoft, was released 11 Oct 2010. It was created as an alternative to Android and iOS, but failed to make them worthy competition, Microsoft announced the termination technical support for the latest version of Windows Phone, received a “more modern” name of Windows 10 Mobile.

As reported in the press service of the company bill gates, Microsoft will stop releasing updates and patches, and other technical content for your operating system Dec 10, 2019. To this point, users are advised “go to Android or iOS”, as the use of devices without technical support may compromise the privacy of its owner.

At the time, Microsoft had big plans for its operating system — especially with the release of Windows Phone 7. Then the company arranged a parade, during which organized a funny funeral procession for iPhone and BlackBerry, hinting at their imminent end.

However, Windows Phone failed to achieve the same success as its competitors.

Of the company even after the acquisition of mobile business Nokia in 2014, Microsoft intended to produce and release its own smartphones with a preinstalled operating system. Two years later, Microsot sold, the Nokia brand is a subsidiary of Foxconn, which is called FIH Mobile Ltd. In July 2016, CEO Satya Nadella announced plans to write off $7.6 billion in losses associated with the acquisition of the assets of the Finnish company.

Among those who have given up on Windows Phone, suddenly appeared and Microsoft founder bill gates, who admitted that the uses a smart phone based on Android. Despite the fact that gates, in his words, installed on a smartphone a lot of applications Microsoft, this interview is revealing — Windows Phone not only gained popularity, but was more awkward to use than Android.

In 2017, it became known that the NYPD declined from 36 thousand Lumia smartphones based on Windows Phone 8.1, because they cannot be upgraded. Before using Lumia officers criticized in the foreign media.

“All right. In situations between life and death, police are hoping on outdated smartphones with Windows Phone,” wrote CNet.

“Never had a chance to catch up”

There are several reasons that Microsoft failed to repeat the success of its Windows operating system on mobile devices. The former head of Windows division Terry Myerson, who left the company in 2018, highlighted two factors that influenced the failure of Windows Phone: underestimating the business model of Android and use in the early stages of the old platform, not ready for new challenges.

“Looking back at this stage of my career, I can say that success depends on a special combination of business models, user experience and technology. We had a differentiated experience, but it is obvious that the business model is Android system has opened tremendous opportunities, and the creation of early versions of Windows Phone pending Windows CE platform, designed for small embedded systems, have left us no chance to catch up,” said Myerson.

According to the ex-employee of Microsoft, the Windows Phone experience was really difficult. The team was innovative plans that never were implemented.

“It was really difficult. But the industry moved forward faster than we were able to follow,” commented the engineer.

Another member of team Windows Phone, Brandon Watson sees the reasons for the failure of the operating system in another. According to him, the OS ruined mobile operators and smartphone manufacturers.

“Windows Phone is dead, because it was almost impossible to beat Google and Apple without the support of providers and vendors. For us released devices second-class citizens, and the operators are practically ignored us. The company [Microsoft] could not continue to throw money to the wind, as it was a Sisyphean task,” said Watson in his Twitter.

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