The new Windows will be rapidly fast.

Microsoft is actively working on the creation of a completely new operating system for computers, according to reliable sources resource Petri. According to published information, the operating system creates a kernel based Windows 10, but Microsoft completely change the architecture and design. At first the assumptions of the new Microsoft OS will be called Windows Lite.

Windows Lite is developed under the code name Windows Core OS. The operating system is created for laptops and tablets, with Microsoft doing it as “easy”. In addition to the lightweight architecture, Windows Lite is credited with working closely with mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft plans to release a number of new devices that will run Windows Lite. But third-party manufacturers can use the operating system on their laptops and tablets, the sources noted.

The final name of the operating system remains unknown. Microsoft has not yet decided on the name, as the development is at an early stage. However, insiders stress that Microsoft may abandon the name Windows in its new software product.

Source: Petri.


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