A year after the alleged termination of support for Windows Phone it became known that Microsoft is developing its own Android phone. It is reported by Windows Latest.

Previously, Microsoft accused of failure of Windows Phone as Apple and other Android manufacturers. However, the bill gates Corporation continued to produce software and to adapt them to competing operating systems. For example, Microsoft Office is one of the best sets of productivity applications for smartphones and other gadgets.

In early July of 2018 became known that Microsoft is developing a foldable dvuhdollarovymi smartphone series Phone Surface. The project was named Andromeda. Most likely, this gadget will be presented in 2019.

But perhaps this is not the only smartphone on which Microsoft is working. Recently, the network got correspondence of one of the employees of the company. The man, who asked to remain anonymous, says that engineers are developing new Windows Phone mobile phone which will be running Android.

A new series of smartphones will be released under its own brand Microsoft. Unfortunately, this is all known information. Details about at what stage is the development when approximately will be presented to the device and what will be its estimated cost, have been reported.


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