Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told the Verge that the company plans to develop its own voice assistant Cortana in the role of service for third-party apps and assistants, such as Google and Amazon Assistant Alexa.

Nadella said that the Redmond company no longer considers voice assistant Cortana as a competitor to the popular Google and Alexa Assistant Amazon, so it will be “universally available to all users”. Besides Microsoft and Amazon already have experience in cooperation once they taught their voice assistants to pass between the teams.

The head of Microsoft said: “you should be able to use Cortana by Alexa and Google Assistant just like you use our apps on Android and iOS. It would be better to make Cortana a skill that can be used by any owner of the Alexa? Or should we try to compete with Alexa? We decided to try the first option.”

In addition, the technical Director Microsoft Kevin Scott said resource VentureBeat about the absence, the company plans to produce his own column in the style of Apple or Samsung Galaxy HomePod Home. Instead, Cortana will become a universal service, available worldwide to users of the company’s products and third-party devices and voice assistants.

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