Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

Microsoft could overtake Apple in market capitalization due to the development of two new areas — artificial intelligence and cloud solutions. This was stated on Tuesday, may 15, Director of digital transformation Microsoft Arseny Tarasov, speaking at the Go Global Summit.

“In 2019, the market capitalization of Microsoft reached $1 trillion, the company became the most expensive in the stock market, ahead of major competitors. We used them behind, we were far below, but over the past 4 years our market cap has grown since we started to transform and investors believed in our company,” said Director of digital transformation Microsoft.

According to him, Microsoft began to develop not only their core products, Windows and Microsoft Office, but made a bid for new directions.

“The fastest growing in the world today, two new technologies — the cloud and artificial intelligence. What we have started to develop. In the cloud technology today, we are the second company by revenue in the world,” said Arseny Tarasov.

He added that development of artificial intelligence technologies, the company also demonstrates significant success, showing growth. In conclusion, the expert named the most promising projects of Russia, more successful than others exporting to foreign markets. In his opinion, is “Dodo Pizza”, a high-tech company Remote and

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