18 July 2018 in the Xbox blog, it was reported that the forthcoming international exhibition of computer games, to be held in Cologne in late August, will feature updated Xbox and accessories for them.

Since the Xbox One X a little less than a year, and the presentation of the new versions of the console are already scheduled for the evening of August 21, 2018. Microsoft promises to arrange the live broadcast from the event.

Many doubt that the company will reveal a new generation Xbox. First, models of the Xbox One’s and Xbox One X came out not so long ago; second, in a recent report, Microsoft said that the next model of the game console will be released until 2020.

However, in the framework of the presentation can be presented extended and improved configuration of existing devices, and wireless controller Microsoft Xbox Elite.

The first version of the manipulator has appeared in 2015 and was worth about $ 150. Controller premium was equipped with numerous custom buttons and sensitive controls. According to rumors, the updated model will get a USB type-C and can store up to three profiles of user preferences.


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