It seems that the creators of Windows have finally come to your senses.

About a year ago, Microsoft introduced a new application Skype with completely new design and feature Highlights. This was similar to stories from Instagram and Snapchat. In the pursuit of popularity the service developers tried to steal the features of competitors to make their product “better”. In fact, it was not very good. And those who use Skype on a regular basis, a new feature had no taste.

But Microsoft recognized the mistake and they will correct it. To make Skype “easier and more familiar”, the developers of the service will remove from him Highlights 30 September 2018.

“Last year we experimented with one of our products, and added several new features. But our users said that we have gone too far, making Skype too complex. Most of these changes are not liked and we decided to take a step back. We want to make Skype comfortable”, – said employees of the company.

In addition to the disappearance of Highlights, users will appreciate the simplified navigation interface. And Skype for computers will be the old theme for those who could not get used to the new style applications.


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