By storm taking the charts artist of the Belarusian rap-label Kaufman Label and nominated to the Forbes 30 under 30, Tim Belarusian debuted with a collection of five tracks at the beginning of 2018 and the year turned into a permanent leader of the list of most listened songs streaming services, and was in the thick of the rotation on Russian radio stations. Official and fan-made clips on his hits “Wet sneakers”, “Nezabudka” and “Vitaminka” collectively gathered on YouTube more than 100 million views. And the artist himself collects throughout Russia, the large halls and earns millions of rubles. Forbes has studied the phenomenon of the Belarusian tims.

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Freedom from cello

Timothy Morozov is the real name tims — Belarusian childhood was surrounded by music. He was born in Minsk in the family of a teacher of playing the flute and an Opera singer. With three years Tim spent every summer in Germany where my father hosted the tour. “I had learned the German language and studied the cello — it was a condition of my visits,” — says the Belarusian in an interview with Forbes.

To play the cello, the boy began with six years. Then the parents brought him to the local music school, where long took the classes and showed me various instruments. “When we went to the cello, they asked me if I play it, and I said “Yes,” says the nominee of the first Forbes “30 under 30” in the category “Music and cinema”.

Instead of secondary school, the Belarusian entered the Republican music gymnasium-College under Belarusian state Academy of music, where he studied until the ninth grade. And then Tim realized suddenly lost interest in music: “If you want to achieve something with the tool, you have to be a fanatic to score at all, to do and to feel this rush. I didn’t feel I wanted freedom.“

Near the music school was a linguistic College, where Belarusian is easily got, because I knew German. But then, that had only two quarters: “we Walk and grow together”.

After that, the future leader of the charts went to school in his neighborhood “like a normal kid,” he finished tenth grade and enrolled in the College of arts, where once again “didn’t last semester”. The Belarusian was a pity to spend six days in a week to study on a speciality “the head of the creative team”. He left class to meet up with friends. “We were rapping on the street, drinking beer, and I wrote the tracks on that [hard] work and trying to survive” — with laughter remembers the musician.

With 13 years of Belarusian every day wrote the lyrics, and at 16 decided that “it would be cool to connect his life with music.” Sometimes he was recording tracks in the Studio, while simultaneously trying to make, for example, worked as a waiter, loader, dig the gardens and dismantled the old house.

In 2016, Tim participated in the casting of the television program “Comedy battle”, which was held in Minsk: “I Think it would be cool to get the [Russian channel] TNT.” Two weeks left to write stand-but the comedian Belarusian did not. Following the performances, the judges admitted that they do not believe that he is allegedly his monologue sounded like he stole it, says the singer.

The first attempt to become a part of Belarusian musical enterprises Kaufman Label is currently working with the Belarusian, also failed. In October 2016, the head of the label Alexander Reznichenko held a casting, which was attended by Tim, but the jury rejected the candidacy of Minsk. “Then he was not prepared: everything was very timid, damp. Maybe he didn’t know what he’s doing,“ — says in an interview with Forbes, Reznichenko.

The second casting of actors took place in September 2017, and according to its results, Reznichenko already voted to Belarusian became part of the label. Were against two other members of the team. “The second time Tim tried, and even overdone: overly energetic on stage, the song was chosen not the most successful, but the potential was noticed,” recalls Alexander.

When the casting is over, the team of Kaufman in the hectic first sent the Belarusian home — but administrators quickly caught on and returned the vending supervisor of the artist. In addition to the speech he gave, Reznichenko to listen to the track “Dawn.” The producer liked it so much that he immediately — in the middle of the night — lucky Tim in the Studio to rewrite the song in good quality.

The focus is on “Vitamins”

After writing “Dawn”, literally Belarusian settled in the Studio. “I slept there, ate, became unkempt and totally immersed in music, says the artist. — But against this we had a fight [with Kaufman Label]. I decided that I do not have freedom and left.“

The reunion happened quickly, thanks to classmate Belarusian and arranger Ian Kaufman, Saponenko. “He texted me: “hi, let’s chat”. I arrived and the day we recorded the track “Habit of running away”, who don’t want to spread it as it’s raw”. The next day, Tim returned to the team label, “It was self-evident.”

The glory fell on Tim in August 2018, when the release of the song “Wet cross”. The track instantly became a hit and even after six months after graduation continues to be among the most popular compositions “Yandex. Music“, taking place on the border of the top 10.

The Belarusian began to cooperate with Russian Rhymes Music, which distributes music and promotion of artists. Apart from Belarus, Rhymes, for example, works with rap artist Galveston, singer Ivan Valeev, a group of “friend zone” and other artists. But Tim is in the pool of “top” partners for the company, says the head Rhymes Oleg Selivanov.

With the active support of the partner in just six months, tracks the Belarusian appeared in more than 100 venues, including the streaming of Apple Music, Google Play Music, VK, MTS GOOD’ok and Spotify, radio stations “Russian radio” Love Radio, YouTube, etc., lists Selivanov. He did not disclose the terms of the contract with the artist. According to the Belarusian, Rhymes takes 30% of revenues. A question of millions roubles. Apple Music, for example, pays about 200 000 per 1 million auditions, cites the example of Selivanov. “For six months, any popular performer earns on the distribution of several million rubles, Belarusian and Tim is no exception,” he says.

“We see statistics only from two sites — “Vkontakte” and Apple Music. According to these data, “Wet sneakers” users have listened to about 30 million times,” says Reznichenko. Together with statistics from other sites, the figure could rise ten — fold to 300 million, suggests the Belarusian producer.

Rhymes Music participated in the promotion of 12-15 songs timy, Selivanov says. First, the distributor determines one or two “focus songs” is the strongest song from the album according to the artist and producer. The company then starts “as possible to support them as advertising ten tracks at once is very difficult,” says the head Rhymes. In 2018, including anchor compositions were “Wet runs” and the second hit of the Belarusian — Nezabudka. On the new album, which was released at the end of January 2019, headlined by the “Vitaminka” and “don’t write”.

“Vitaminka” in February was on the first place of the chart “Vkontakte”, the album “is Your first CD — my tape” — in the first place of album chart in BOOM (music service “Vkontakte”), and the track “Wet crosses”, according to the social network, took 11 th place in the list of most listened tracks for the whole of 2018.

After just two months after the release of “Wet cross” Belarusian went on tour, which is still ongoing, and planned until June 2019.

Songs for finches

“We decided that we will not rappers-**** [gouging],” says Tim about the informal rules of conduct on tour. Most importantly — do not be late to appear on stage sober, he enumerates demands on themselves and musicians. Statement of the Belarusian worth about 1 million rubles To the question about how it spends the fees, Tim modestly says that “just bought many different pairs of sneakers”.

By the beginning of April, the musician gave more than 50 concerts. Fees from them are divided between the artist and the team. When it became clear that the Belarusian musical career “is on the rise,” he agreed proportion of the income of all stakeholders. The artist receives 30%, Reznichenko — 35%, the rest divided between other employees of the Kaufman Label. Thus, the income of the Belarusian only from concerts could be 15 million rubles.

Geography solo includes not only Russia and Belarus, but also, for example, Riga, Tallinn, Kiev and other cities with Russian-speaking audience. “The proposal goes much, but we filter”, — says the musician. However, even the filter does not always help — for example, force majeure happened during one of the concerts in Voronezh. The Belarusian has already arrived at the venue when it became known that the organizer broke the agreement and calculated musicians. Other team members tried to persuade Tim to come on stage. “But there are also people: you don’t come out and say into the microphone: “Guys, I do not speak, because the soup was cold,” explains the singer.

On average, each concert is visited by 700 people. The performances are exhausting Belarusian, but also give the strength: “You sit a couple of hours after the concert in the dressing room, go outside, and there you are in cold finches — and you realize that something you mean to these people,” — with a smile said Tim.

In December last year, the artist released a video for “Wet runs” and “forget-Me-not”, which was engaged in Belarusian Studio MediaCube. Shooting video cost about $5-6 thousand for the entire amount covered “integrated support”, said the Belarusian.

Sponsor of the video was the Minsk restaurant “Pizza Fox”: at the beginning of the video hero of Belarus is in the hands of a few branded packs of pizza. Soon there will be a new clip with integrated advertising of condoms Durex, says Belarusian. “I just wanted nice to do it on mutual terms,” he says.

In parallel with the Tur, he writes, and the second part of the album, which since the end of January — more than 162 000 “likes” in “Vkontakte”. New album “one would have to produce, but we’re not going anywhere,” concludes Belarusian.

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