Miners who lost their income because of the collapse in rates of cryptocurrencies can earn on their equipment differently. Startup Vectordash invites them to begin to lease the equipment for a new game cloud service.

The startup has decided to reduce the cost of development of their platforms and to buy out idle mining equipment. For miners will be offered more income than they can obtain on the extraction of digital money. In particular, a month can earn from $65 to $105.

The startup has managed to develop a whole cloud-based system, it will allow gamers on low-end computers to run complex games that require the latest operating system. This will need to subscribe for $28 per month. Vectordash does, however, minor limitations: to use their services can gamers with computers from Apple, the other is to connect to the service will not be able, reports Regnum.

Previously “invest-foresight” wrote that the miners can’t make money by mining the cryptocurrency. The reason lies in the high energy intensity of mining and the low cost of bitcoin.

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