The price increase can not be avoided.

Leading Russian mobile operators intend to increase the fee for the mobile Internet in 2019. According to the company Telecom Daily, which conducted a survey among operators, the price increase may be around 10%. The increase in fees for mobile Internet from different mobile operators will happen in different ways.

Part of the Russian mobile operators plan to increase the fee for Internet by 10 per cent or more. The other part said that he will try to do everything possible to keep the increase under 10%. However, in the case of each specific operator raising fees for mobile Internet is really planned.

According to representatives of mobile operators, increased charges for mobile Internet is a necessary step. Operators will be required to respond to changes in the Russian market. The two main reasons for the increase in the cost of mobile Internet in Russia are the increase in VAT to 20% from 1 January 2019 and the costs of operators to meet the requirements of a package of laws Spring.


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