We don’t need innovation. They take away companies ‘ resources and lead to failures.

Steve jobs, in addition to hundreds of other expressions, belongs to the following phrase: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. It sounded good in the period of the revival of Apple, but now overgrown with nuances. Understand what is wrong with innovation.

What’s the problem

Innovation is taking place every year — their technical virtuosity is difficult to refute. But a clear separation of the leaders and catch-up on this basis is no longer observed. The race for the championship does not make sense if the competition takes place in an empty stadium. But it is in such enterprises regularly embarks on technological industry.

The latest example is augmented reality or AR. This is great technology for the sci-Fi literature or films about Iron man. In reality, she first stalled on the glasses (Microsoft HoloLens), and then ignominiously kicked off on mobile devices (AR and AR Core Kit).

The apotheosis of attention to the augmented reality was the presentation of iOS 11, which introduced the AR tools Kit for developers. Top managers of Apple and inspired the developers from the scene showed apps and games that bring the action into the surrounding space. A year later, the situation repeated itself — AR Kit received the update, the developers have up their projects. But enthusiasm this section is still not conquered — all simply indifferent to the fate of the AR capabilities of the iPhone.

This is not a mere statement. For example, the only AR app in the top 100 most popular paid apps us App Store is an advanced AR-range AirMeasure. It is on 97 place on downloads. Given that iOS 12 will appear native app for measuring dimensions with augmented reality, this example can be discarded.

In other cases, AR performs a nice bonus, not the underlying technology. For example, in the game Stack, you can switch to AR mode and to store the blocks on top of each other, projecting the design on the floor or the nearest table.

In the training programme WWF Free Rivers you can see the three-dimensional locations of the world’s major rivers, and to display it in AR mode and learn about environmental issues. The New York Times was allowed to show in the augmented reality difficult stunts of the skaters during the Winter Olympics.

Industry that has gorged on new products

AR — breakthrough experience. This is innovation in its purest form. But a significant impact on the market, it does not provide — and not concentrating around them an audience of consumers or developers. No matter what Apple keeps unconditional leadership, and its technological platform available to hundreds of millions iPhone. When the idea does not cause delight, it gradually stalls. And it is even insulting — after all, prospects are, as always, insane.

To such disappointments, you need to prepare more often. Technology has become steeper, but exceed the desired level of utility — they are simply redundant and adds an extra layer of complexity. Of course, in the particular case that illustrates the TouchBar. If you look wider, are examples of the global.

The best illustration is the idea of modular smartphones. Originally it existed in a completely futuristic view. The so-called Project Ara from Google promised that the desired device can be, literally, to piece together.

On the chassis of the display and the motherboard is attached to the basic components that the buyer will choose based on your own budget and needs. It turned out that the design is too complex, and the final result is lifeless and cumbersome apparatus.

A lighter option was undertaken to implement a Motorola. In a series of Moto appeared magnetic connector on the back cover, which can be mounted plug-in modules. They are single-purpose: for example, one module makes the smartphone camera with a powerful optical zoom, and the second portable speaker.

And that again is innovation, for which no one was watching. The wanderings of Motorola from Google to Lenovo is the best proof. Although, objectively speaking, better implementation of modules yet. In the pursuit of innovation, technological market imagines that can cause the demand range — but the reality again and again has this naive belief.

What’s next?

Then you need to calm down and to stop the senseless popricani Apple for lack of innovation. When the company is drawn to them, it wastes resources and money, not knowing the final result. This was a redesign of the MacBook Pro, resulting in the TouchBar. The same nonsense will result in a possible output VR glasses or self-driving car.

Blame society’s reliance on “breakthroughs”. We are waiting for the new iPhone, the new iOS or the new App Store, and then it turns out that a possible alternative there is no demand. Industry needs for a few years to slow down the pace to key players caught their breath and took my lumps.

It happened in the world of laptops. After stagnation, they rushed forward: cheap Chromebook improved the quality and usefulness, high-quality Windows laptops to curb the 2-in-1 touch screens. Perhaps due to the transition to edge-to-edge design, Apple will be the same break a few years without changing proportions, but the work behind the scenes.

And if there is no innovation and breakthrough technology will ruin everything.


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