This week, research by Deloitte has released the 13th edition of its overview of Digital Media Trends that contains a number of interesting facts with regards to the growth of cord-cutting.

The report showed that American consumers on average subscribed to three streaming services. In addition, the findings demonstrate that the number of subscriptions to video services now exceeds subscriptions for pay TV services such as cable TV. According to the report, 69% of Americans have a subscription to streaming services, and the services of traditional pay-TV only 65%.

What was the reason for the growing popularity of streaming services? Overview Deloitte has revealed that the driving force of interest in the video is high quality and original content.

Given the growing amount of original content and its popularity (35 Emmy in 2018 from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon), the audience is likely to connect to streaming services for exclusive TV shows and movies. Indeed, the survey showed that 57% of subscribers to streaming services noted original content as the reason for the choice of care.

The Millennials are particularly interested in original content. In the age group 22-35 years, 71% of subscribers said they chose more because of the original content. 37% of them weekly drunken look on average 4 hours of content in one go.

Since the existing streaming services will continue to produce original content and new services like preparing soon to launch a service from Apple, are actively investing a large amount in new programs, it can be expected that these numbers will continue to grow.

SOURCE: Cord Cutters News

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