A survey conducted by Deloitte showed that the Russians abandon the Internet in favor of mobile.

The company found that about 16% of users in Russia completely moved away from the wires and for access to the network prefer only mobile Internet. The online survey was affected extensive segments of the population, including citizens from 16 to 65 years living in cities and in villages. According to the results of the study shows that the percentage of subscribers that only works with mobile Internet in Russia is less than in Turkey or Canada (for 27.3% and 24.3%), but higher than the rates in France (9.8 per cent).

In addition, Anton Shulga, partner of Deloitte, said that in cities about 13% of the population used for Internet access only mobile devices, while in rural areas the figure is 22%.

To raise each year the number of mobile Internet users are assisted by several factors. Thus, in recent years, the increasing number of cheap smartphones that support fast Internet, and mobile operators to significantly expand the area of coverage of networks all over the country. Besides, there is an active development of the fourth generation, which is a speed not much inferior to a wired access to the network. Most resources such as search engines, news aggregators and other major sites, in turn, greatly simplify the mobile version, so they were easy to use on the smartphone screen. The combination of all these factors leads to the popularization of mobile Internet in Russia.


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