Motorola something similar to “Metallica” was also an American star of yesteryear, which have enough energy to work even today, however, many fans did not like the new repertoire. Unlike HTC, who said firmly, “you are goats, and we’re gorgeous!” and decided to die, but would not give in, not buyers requests, Motorola makes the conclusions from the audience’s wishes and tries to release something competitive, but something different from “Chinese.” Partly she did it, and I’ll clearly show on the example of the just released models in 2019 with the IFA.

And Motorola is a very good example of why it is better to be a blatant marketer and issue functions for teaspoon, as Apple does, and not to give the customers what they ask for. How many comments were d Artamanov, who said “all these elongated screens, and a large number of cameras is complete garbage, it would be better to work on optimizing systems and modules. For modules and plug-in gizmos the future!”.

Yeah. Well, out in 2016 Motorola Z Play one, but good camera, refined to perfection stitching + nice AMOLED screen + 3500 mAh battery in a slim housing, which the smartphone runs the same as competitors with 4200-4500 mAh. Want to upgrade speaker-level Bluetooth speakers, you want to — buy module for an external battery and get autonomist better than smartphones with 6000 mAh.

But not take off — people have posted 28 thousand for Honor 8 with swift voracious Chinese processor, IPS display, with no quick charging and with a “this’ll do” for the cameras, and initially more sensible, but less powerful Motorola for 35 thousand ignored. And for 28-30 thousand ignored too.

And flagship with unbreakable screen, Moto X Force/Z Force, for some reason, also does not “off”. Although we conducted a survey on the website, and found that a lot more readers break the screen than accidentally dropping their smartphones into the water. But there is no reason not to buy Samsung, and then say “Oh, pink stripe on display!” and to give 20 thousand for the replacement of the matrix. Because in the service center tell you “is that you, my dear, he dropped the phone, and now we are trying, like fools, to spin for warranty repair”.

In General, Motorola all the time missed by fashion and, in the end, was forced to temper his zeal. Moto now not even a full-fledged flagship — if used Moto Z was smartphones level the most expensive Samsung/Huawei/LG/Sony, the current Moto Z4 is the device-level Honor 20 (Pro and normal) or Xiaomi Mi 9T, with the processor, screen and camera-level mobile phones for 25-30 thousand rubles.

The majority of new Scooters and all migrated to middle and budget class, and even without the support modules. Recently it turned out quite sensibly — for example, Moto G7 Power with a minimum of “convenience”, but with a 5000 mAh and cheerful Snapdragon 632 has now become the most enduring smartphone up to 15 thousand rubles (because these are your Busy ZenFone Max Pro bye-bye, removed from the conveyor). How are things going with the new models that showed today, September 5, 2019?

Moto One Zoom

Name machinery overseas lately is very similar to the texts of Ukrainian “pop” with their way to sculpt the word “One” in all ithuania and nevpikhuyemy place you could turn an elegant reworking of a song Sofia Rotaru. Because I have the kind of “Odnodiskovyh” (OneDrive in Windows), the “Odnogolosy” (OnePlus, the smartphone manufacturer), “Iskorak One” (Xbox One, game console) in my head starts playing “One viburnum behind a window, One family back at the table, One path that to home came she…”. Here at Motorola and now the new smartphones began to emerge under the names of One Action (“One action”?), and now One Zoom (“Single zoom” or “Continuous zoom”). Well, okay — if we Europeans scoff from such names, then we, the citizens of the country in which AVTOVAZ (automobile Volga automobile plant) the more sin is to rebel. If only the smartphone was good.

And he is really good. Look:

• A very unusual, expensive look and expensive to touch design. What you want me to do, but I believe these are your Holy Xiaomi Mi 9, Huawei P30 and other Samsung Galaxy Note 10 faceless autonomobile “vegetables”. More or less beautiful Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei Mate 20 recede into the past, Meizu also “prolyubili” the original design of its flagship Meizu 16 and is also joined to the theft of the design of the iPhone with the transition to Meizu 16Xs.

And Moto One Zoom their background favorably. Yes, on the back cover had the same “stove” that we saw in the Huawei Mate 20 at the end of 2018, only slightly stretched. But in any case, the original is placed vertically in the corner of the cameras. Especially because the back is always on the Motorola icon in the evening looks very beautiful and increases the “prestige of the uniform” because it’s the same trick as the lighting of the bitten Apple in the Apple MacBook.

And rear of the multilayer glass panel is made is designed so that almost does not glare and looks slightly covered with a piece of brushed aluminum! I’m really fed up with glass smartphones (too often twist different models in the hands and upset that almost always this black glossy glass “soap”), but with the glass that looks like metal we solve the problem leasametric fingerprint smartphone “plays” in light of all of your patterns, and the touch is not felt jar from-under a sprat like Huawei Nova Plus at the time, for example.

• Optical stabilization in the main and zoom the camera!What do you mean “who cares”? You just don’t understand their happiness. Now almost all manufacturers have parasites and do not put insurance on the blurry night pictures in smartphones with “dofiga-megapixel cameras”.

Look at Xiaomi Mi 9, and Mi Mi 9T 9T Pro, OnePlus 7 Huawei P30, on Honor View 20, Samsung Galaxy A80 on Oppo Reno Z, ASUS ZenFone 6… they all Have about the same camera from the point of view of sensors (“a judge” in chambers are different, and only through this can cause the camera not to crap in the night shooting mode). But none of these smartphones do not have insurance from shift your hands to millimeters (and this is enough for a blurry photo at night). Because “and so will descend!”.

The only exception is Honor 20 Pro, which is due to stabilization (and good “glass”) managed to catch up with the cool camera phone Huawei P20 Pro! While in P20 Pro sensor steep, and in Honor of 20 Pro it is the same mass consumption, as in those of your Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 for 12 thousand rubles. But the stabilization and optics “solve”.

So — in Lenovo One Zoom stabilization there and on the main chamber, and additional to, the picture quality is not “walking” even when zoomed in.

And Yes, there is a third camera, a wide — angle in order to grasp the immensity in the frame, not running away in the field from the event. But for 30 thousand it is in almost all new smartphones, and the image quality is “shirik” is close in price Huawei P30 will give a light Motorola with a large margin.

• Good AMOLED display. Yes, Full HD+, but the brightness and viewing angles are very cool — not worse than Huawei or Xiaomi Mi P30 9T Pro. • Autonomy will also be good. Because 4000 mAh and an almost pure Android • Practicality. The headphone Jack on the spot. The “Chinese” with a similar features of it, for some reason, is nowhere. And the memory card slot is also preserved. • Features are not “frustrating”by the standards of the manufacturers with a history. So, for the Motorola Zoom with One 128 GB memory in Europe asking 430 euros. Is 32 thousand rubles, if you convert at the current rate. For example, 29 thousand rubles in Russia asking for a 128 GB version of Xiaomi Mi 9T. With the same Full HD+ AMOLED screen, the same 4000 mAh, triple camera (without optical stabilization, by the way), no headphone Jack and no micro SD slot.

You’re going to nod to the fact that Saami the Snapdragon processor 730 and Motorola — Snapdragon 675. But in the applications the difference in speed between them is placed at 7%. But for gaming performance Snapdragon processor 730 (and, as a result, Xiaomi Mi 9T) faster more than in 2 times. But if you don’t start in the smartphone game, you get slot for memory cards of higher quality (in theory) at night and less Jumpy video, and headphone Jack in exchange for the loss of 7-8% of the CPU in applications. The Supplement is not cheap, but at least there are some advantages that you can justify. Either Motorola can “dampingratio” to align the prices by Xiaomi, and for 29 thousand roubles it will be a really strong competitor.

It is a pity that the representatives of the Russian branch of the Lenovo does not believe in the happy future of this smartphone in Russia. “We already like the rake with the previous expensive models in Russia Motorola is better to sell cheap smartphones and this even in Europe and America to buy”. Therefore Russia will come not One Zoom and a much cheaper model:

Moto E6 Plus

Motorola E-series is the budget Moto who only come among new models. Before was even cheaper Moto C commercials for 6 thousand rubles, but they were buried alive, because the sculpt smartphones with 1 GB RAM and MediaTek at a time when China produces analogues with 2 GB and Snapdragon somehow not with his hands. And install the same characteristics as in the Chinese smartphone does not work — the runs do not reach, the purchase price of processors and other “iron higher.”

Force is measured in Newtons, pressure in Pascals, and the level of smartphones in stomach. So, Moto E6 is such saoma Redmi 7A (7500 rubles in Russia), and Moto E6 Plus — sawma Redmi 7 (11 thousand rubles in Russia). The characteristics are very close. However, Moto E6 in comparison with Redmi features, but Moto E6 Plus everything is already on the level, but still there is a version with 4/64 GB of memory, which is the analogue Xiaomi seems to also exist in the wild, but in practice this semi-mythical thing, which no one saw — how flexible tablets from Chubais. The Motorola Chubais does not work, so Moto E6 Plus 4/64 GB really exists, and it can be purchased! And is it necessary?

Who knows. Option with 2/32 GB in Europe is estimated at € 140. This is about 9200-9300 rubles. On the one hand, the Redmi 7 at this price will be only 16 GB of memory, and Redmi 7A will be slower. On the other — Redmi 7 even with a small amount of memory will be faster and tougher, because the battery in it at 1000 mAh more. And more expensive Redmi 7 for 11 thousand, it offers 3 GB of RAM. If Motorola E6 Plus in the variant with 4/64 GB will cost the same 11 thousand, it makes sense to consider it as a purchase (if you sell all Nokia Plus 5.1 Realme and 3 for the 9 thousand). But something tells me that the price may reach up to 12500 rubles, and this is the territory Redmi Note 7, and there is no other prophet (and will not, apparently).

All depends on the price, which will be installed in Russia. Wait, believe and hope — as shown, of all the smartphones cheaper than 10 thousand rubles in our area only two can be called a scrap.

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