Technical Manager Mozilla suggested that with the latest Google update specially worsened work YouTube in Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

The prosecution, which was published in Twitter, suggests that the YouTube website loads five times slower in Firefox and Edge compared to Chrome. These browsers are the biggest competitors of IT giant.

Says technical Manager Mozilla, this slowdown is due to the redesign of the service. YouTube now uses Google technology Polymer because it can be all problems.

When starting a new design, Google argued that the use of Polymer will help to accelerate the development of functions. But the company did not specify that the new interface uses Shadow DOM API v0, which is only available in Chrome.

Therefore, the Manager believes that Google deliberately made it to YouTube viewers used the Chrome web browser (or YouTube) to watch their favorite shows in comfort.

However, many do not agree with Mozilla – people believe that Google does what is right, developing a service that works much better than using native software and technology companies.

In any case, it will take time testing the new YouTube on all browsers. Perhaps Google is waiting for a new penalty for monopolization of the market.


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