Mozilla decided to update the logos of all their applications. To this end, it has developed two preliminary design options of the icon, reports The Verge.

Mozilla frequently updates the Firefox logo. Now, however, the goal is not to make another icon for the flagship product. The company decided to redraw the logos for all of its applications — from mobile browsers to utilities for creating screenshots.

The company introduced two styles, consisting of several levels. The first is the main Firefox logo. The second is the icons for all versions of the Firefox browser for computers. The third logos for VR apps and mobile versions of Firefox. Fourth is the icons for future applications.

Users have to choose the best set of icons. Mozilla for some time to see the reaction on the Internet to understand which style users prefer. However, the company warns that this is only the preliminary sketches.

“Each icon will be subjected to several stages of refinement and may be completely different from the current design. At this stage we are focused on the choice of identity”, — said the representatives of Mozilla.

The last time the logo of the browser were changed in December 2017, when Quantum came Firefox. Mozilla will not hold an open vote, and not asking users to send in their designs.


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