Analysts analyzed “gadgetopia” user preferences of the Karelian capital.

Experts of MTS has analyzed “gadgetopia” preferences in Petrozavodsk, has identified the most “rocking” locations, popular places to travel and find out what it is — a typical inhabitant of the Republic.

Where does he live?

Most often, the MTS subscribers in Petrozavodsk are connected to base stations located in residential districts of Drevlyanka, Kukkovka and around the Key. Outside of their “sleeping” expected prefer to “swing” in the shopping center “Maxi”, the train station and the promenade. Among the most “rocking” of locations unexpectedly also hit the industrial area at Shuya highway.

And when he shakes?

The largest volume of traffic expected to generate in the morning when you go to work — listening to music online, watching YouTube videos, flipping through the tape in social networks and chat messengers. From social networks “typical Petrozavodsky” prefers Facebook and Instagram and instant messengers — WhatsApp.

Which selects a smartphone?

Expected prefer smartphones Huawei and Apple, and this trend is “work” not only in the capital but also in its districts. The study also says about the passion of the expected phablets, or “laptopname” — smart phones with a screen over 5.5 inches. Today, almost every third purchased smartphone — phablet. But this does not mean that the residents of the capital like to spend money on expensive devices that most often they buy the device in the price range of 5 to 10 thousand rubles. More expensive smartphones are expected to prefer to borrow: the average bill for “credit” gadget is 21 000 rubles.

What’s his favorite color?

In terms of choosing the colors of your gadget, while the expected conservative: a third of buyers out of the salon MTS smartphone black, every fifth chooses a Golden casing, and every sixth — grey or metallic.

Where he likes to travel?

“A typical Petrozavodsky” loves to travel around the country, and some residents of the city this year has been, Sakhalin, Buryatia, Tyva and the Jewish Autonomous region. And the most popular destinations included Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Murmansk. Inside the country expected to move, mostly in neighboring Prionezhsky and Kondopoga regions.

What books are you reading?

The most popular among the citizens of Karelia have become bestsellers “Draft” and “clean copy” of Sergey Lukyanenko, most popular genre — fantasy: this analysis showed e-books read by the inhabitants of the Republic in application of the “MTS Book”.

Buying on the Internet?

Popular mobile payments have become transfers from smartphone to smartphone: subscribers “throws” to each other at the expense of a small amount, usually up to 1000. Therefore, we are likely talking about cases where users share a common account in the restaurant, “chip in” to gift friend or parents transferred their child money for pocket expenses.

For residents of the capital, the smartphone has long turned into a one-stop shop for everyday tasks, from ordering of goods online before receiving services. Today, however, actively “pump” not only in Petrozavodsk, but also in areas of the country. To meet the growing demand for mobile Internet, we have upgraded the infrastructure built a new base station and intend to continue the development of networks in the region

— the Director of MTS OJSC branch in the Republic of Karelia Alexander Kochkin.

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