MTS subscribers can be calm.

Today, October 10, in the Internet appeared the information that the mobile operator MTS has started to take money for protection against connection of paid services. Several large resources wrote about it, than have entered subscribers in the confusion. In fact, to protect against accidental connection of paid services. And the new MTS services have no relationship to the ban on paid subscriptions.

Yellow media said that now the MTS takes customers “huge money” for a lock on paid subscriptions. Luckily for MTS, it is not.

MTS has launched two new services: “antivirus” and “Internet of things”. Fee for both services is 5 rubles per day. They have no relationship to the paid services, their connection or disconnection.

Service antivirus, as the name implies, provides additional user protection from virus threats on the Internet. Service “control of the Internet” enables parents to block specific sites on their child’s phone. Neither of which ban paid service connection question.

Lock connection of paid services to the subscriber of MTS work on the same terms. The option “to Protect against unwanted subscriptions” available to connect with USSD-command *984#. On tariffs and Smart rate Ultra for the service connection charge. All other tariffs connection fee is 25 rubles.


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