Unexpected newsletter.

Mobile operators regularly carry out promotional emails to its subscribers, even if they are not signed on any notice. Most of these distribution are quite harmless, but in some cases the incoming SMS from the operator with the next are is pretty weird. The last of these strange incidents was noted by the operator.

Subscribers of mobile operator MTS has complained of unusual advertising newsletter. Users have received promotional SMS from number 102, which is on many smart phones as the number to the police. The text of advertising messages in some cases greatly puzzled subscribers, therefore they complained to the advertising newsletter online.

Subscribers receive SMS with different contents of room 102. On many smartphones, this number is recorded as the number of police, which is automatically detected by the mobile device. Subscribers admitted that when SMS “from the police” just came, it made them tense.

Promotional SMS “from the police” is safe. The newsletter really makes the company MTS, which notifies subscribers about the opening of new offices or other promotions of the operator.

However, why the message comes with emergency numbers police 102 is unknown. Representatives support MTS a request for a similar SMS replied only that all distribution from short numbers can be disabled by sending SMS to number 4424 text off <number, from which SMS you want to block>.


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