iPhone subscription!

Mobile operator MTS has launched the opportunity to purchase the iPhone, smartphones Huawei Honor and other brands by subscription. Under the new program MTS offers the purchase of smartphones on favorable terms with an option to exchange the device for a new one. In addition, program participants will be given a discount on the cellular.

Initially, MTS launched a purchase program smartphones subscription in December 2018, only for Samsung mobile devices. February 1, 2019, the program began to operate on all smartphones, presented in the salons of the operator, including the iPhone. Full list of smartphones that can be purchased by subscription presented on this page.

According to the rules of the promotion, the buyer will pay for the smartphone a certain amount, paying 50% of the cost of the device over 12 or 24 months. For example, in the case of purchase of iPhone XR cost 63 990 rubles subscription for 24 months, customer will be required to pay 1490 rubles a month. Thus, for 24 months, the customer will pay 35 760 rubles. After the chosen buyer of the subscription period, he can decide to leave the smartphone itself or to replace it with a new model.

If the buyer decides to leave a smartphone, it will have to continue to pay for a smartphone six or eight months depending on which subscription period was selected to 12 or 24 months, respectively.

If the buyer decides to exchange the mobile for a new one, he will need to take the device in MTS and choose a new model that can be purchased by subscription at a discount of 30% from cost of the first smartphone. In the exchange, MTS will make the allocation of the cost of the subscription or down depending on the price of the new smartphone.

Source: MTS.


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