MTS is important to know.

Mobile operator MTS announced changes in the conditions of actual rate Smart mini. 22 November 2018 MTS activates on the tariff plan the option of daily pay, which will be activated automatically in case if the account has insufficient funds to write off the payment for the month. Payment rate rent will be more expensive than paying once a month.

On November 22 MTS will allow subscribers of the tariff plan “Smart mini 042017” to pay for communication services rent. On the one hand it is a plus, as subscribers will be able to stay connected even if the account has insufficient money to pay the full monthly subscription fee.

However, innovation has and minus. Daily subscription fee for tariff plan “Smart mini 042017” will amount to 15.5 rubles per day, or 465 roubles a month. The usual monthly fee on the tariff is only 350 rubles.

Thus, subscribers of “Smart mini 042017” will have to ensure that at the end of the settlement period on account of their cellphones were more than 350 rubles. Only in this case will be charged the full subscription fee at the rate and translation into daily billing will not occur.

If the transition to daily charging still happens, then disable it, you can only Deposit an amount that is equal pay for a full month.

Source: MTS.


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