Much cheaper than new models, but the meaning is the same.

Mobile operator MTS has started selling officially refurbished iPhone 6 Plus at low prices. The assortment of the online store MTS iPhone 6 Plus with 16 and 32 GB of memory, which cost much less than new models. However, given that smartphones can be restored in a formal way and have a full warranty, purchase the new store looks very profitable.

MTS first started to sell refurbished iPhone 6 Plus at their online store. It is assumed that the company has agreed with Apple about deliveries of these restored models, as they are the most popular among Russians. The reason for the popularity is the low price and excellent performance, especially on iOS 12.

The online store has the following prices on refurbished iPhone 6 Plus:

  • iPhone 6s Plus “Like new” 16GB — 22 990 rubles.
  • iPhone 6s Plus “Like new” 32 GB — 24 990 rubles.

For comparison, the new iPhone 6 Plus with 32 GB of internal memory is estimated at 33 790 rubles, which is 13 thousand rubles more expensive. It is quite obvious that it is much more expensive. In addition, few are willing to give that kind of money for a great, but still is not a new smartphone. Read more about officially refurbished iPhone you can find in this article.

Note that the refurbished iPhone 6 Plus just went on sale at MTS. How big is the party of smartphones came to the operator is unknown.


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