Chic smartphone for the right price.

Mobile operator MTS has started selling refurbished iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7 at the most competitive prices in Russian stores. Apparently, MTS received an exclusive batch of smartphones from Apple, like other retailers such refurbished models on sale.

Just note that it is formally restored iPhone. Recovery smartphones was engaged by the company Apple. This means that the iPhone is in mint condition, with new cases and batteries, without any defects and with full warranty. Read more about refurbished iPhone you can find in this article.

MTS launched the sale of refurbished iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7, which have not previously been presented in any of the major Russian stores. The prices for smartphones are pleasantly pleased. Restored models are estimated at more than 10 thousand rubles cheaper than new.

iPhone 6s

  • iPhone 6s 32 GB — 21 990 rubles (from rose gold, silver).
  • iPhone 6s 64 GB — 19 990 rubles (“rose gold”).
  • iPhone 6s 128GB — 23 990 rubles (gold).

iPhone 6s Plus

  • iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB — 22 990 rubles (gold, rose gold).
  • iPhone 6s Plus 32GB — 24 990 rubles (gold, rose gold).
  • iPhone 6s Plus 64 GB — 26 990 rubles (gold, rose gold).
  • iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB — 27 990 rubles (“rose gold”).

iPhone 7

  • iPhone 7, 128 GB is 35 990 rubles (silver).
  • iPhone 7 256GB -37 990 rubles (black, silver).

How big is the party of the restored iPhone has been received MTS from Apple is unknown. In this regard, wishing to purchase the iPhone at the reduced price it is better not to proceed with the purchase.


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