FAS is silent.

Mobile operator MTS has officially announced that from August 31 subscribers no longer pay for incoming calls when travelling in Russia. MTS, as promised earlier, abolished domestic roaming after the “Beeline” and Tele2. However, MTS said one bad moment — the roaming charges are excluded from all tariffs.

MTS ceased to charge for incoming calls outside your home area only at popular rates. These include Smart, Smart Top, “Maritime” and other most used tariff plans.

But on the unpopular roaming fees remains. We are talking about archival tariffs, which remain subscribers. On such tariff plans roaming will be completely abolished “during September”.

Thus, MTS has fulfilled the requirement of the Federal anti-monopoly service, but partially. However, by the end of September, the operator will cancel roaming everywhere and the FAS will not be claims against MTS.


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