Unfortunately for subscribers.

Mobile operator MTS rejected the idea of providing best deals in which subscribers would be able to do not pay for mobile communication. In July, MTS launched the option “Mobile communications at our expense” in several cities of Russia, and in August it intended to offer its residents. However, literally at the last moment the news that the “Mobile communication at our expense” will be presented in other regions has been removed from the company website.

Campaign “Mobile communication at our expense” was recognized as one of the best among mobile operators. It offered MTS connect home Internet and television with a gift — a free tariff plan Smart. The package includes 1500 minutes of talk and 25 GB of mobile Internet traffic.

Initially, MTS launched the campaign “Mobile communication at our expense” in several Russian cities. But the statement was clear plans to make it available in other cities, including in Moscow. On the official website of MTS was published the news that the campaign will be launched in the capital since August 16.

However, this did not happen. Moreover, the news about the launch of the campaign disappeared from the site of MTS. For some reason the operator decided not to run the campaign “Mobile communication at our expense” at the moment unknown.

Earlier the employee of MTS anonymously disclosed working method, allowing to pay for the connection are much smaller.


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