Holiday discounts on smartphones.

Mobile operator MTS has made major discounts on smartphones on the eve of International women’s day. The campaign in the online store dropped the price on iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and other manufacturers.

Many stores in Russia was marked by big sales on 8 March. Especially interesting discounts are made for home appliances (of which we described in this and this the compilations) and smartphones.

One of the sales was launched in the online store of mobile operator MTS. For the stock to March 8 MTS decently lowered prices on smartphones by leading brands including Apple and Samsung. Full list of smartphones that take part in the action presented on this page. Maximum discounts on smartphones reached 10 000 rubles.

Holiday sale of MTS will be held until March 10. Thus, buyers have the opportunity to purchase gifts for March 8 at the best price in a few days.


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