Rate Smart Mini officially transferred to the archive.

Mobile operator MTS announced the closing of a popular and the most affordable rate Smart Mini. The tariff can no longer connect or switch to another tariff plan. The changes take effect from 4 September 2018.

At the end of August, MTS suddenly decided to rename the Smart Mini tariff in “Smart 032017”. As it turned out, the operator did this to prepare for the transfer rate to the archive. From 4 September 2018 tariff plan “Smart 032017”, aka Smart Mini officially transferred to the category obsolete.

This means that the tariff is no longer possible to connect new subscribers. In addition, the current MTS subscribers can no longer go to Smart Mini from its tariff. As for the subscribers of Smart Mini, they will be able to continue to use their tariff on the same terms.

The reason why MTS translated the Smart Mini tariff in the archives, is a serious change in the tariff plan Smart. From 4 September the rate of Smart evaluated cheaper, but his condition deteriorated. At the rate now offered to 4 GB of traffic, unlimited calls to MTS numbers, 200 minutes and 200 SMS to all operators. The monthly fee for the upgraded fare is 400 rubles.

Source: MTS.


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