Best MTS in 2018.

In 2018 mobile operator MTS has launched several new tariff plans, which instantly became very popular among subscribers. Some of the new tariffs, MTS has been the most popular for the year, as it became known today from the official website of MTS.

The most popular tariff of MTS in 2018

MTS said about the three tariff plans which are very popular in 2018. These rates have moved most of the MTS, including with archival tariffs.

The first of the most popular tariff plans of MTS became “Maritime” is one of the latest tariffs of the operator in which the subscribers provides fully unlimited Internet. In addition to the unlimited tariff subscribers liked the fact that it is possible to configure the package minutes on all networks of Russia. Because of this, the monthly fee rate can be reduced, canceling unnecessary services. Fee for the tariff plan “Maritime” varies depending on the region and the average is 450 rubles per month.

The second tariff, which was evaluated by the MTS, is the plan “My Smart”. This is one of the most affordable tariff plans from the operator. Its key feature is the flexible configuration. Subscribers can choose a specific number of mobile Internet and calls. The rate is really affordable — the average fee is 300 rubles.

Also MTS subscribers like a more expensive tariff “Our Smart”. It is best suited for subscribers that want to share the unused options and services with the family. At the rate of subscribers are provided with 20 GB of mobile Internet, 1200 minutes of calls to all networks and a package of 1200 SMS. The monthly fee rate on the average is 600 rubles.

Earlier it became known that the Russian operators will raise prices for mobile communications in 2019.


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